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Companions of Clare
Companions of Claire is an experimental community”, an emerging Franciscan community for the mature women in the beguinal tradition. “We wish to create an experimental community following the Primitive Rule of St. Clare, involving older women in the Beguine tradition, Our focus group will be women over 62 either those who have left religious life ans wish to reenter, or those who wish to give the rest of their life to God.
Sr Courtney, the founder, spent 16 years as a Poor Claire, then she took distance from the institution and was very involved in the rural projects until to be nominated as an Ashoka Fellow candidate for innovation in agriculture. She initiated and ran for 11 years the non-profit Small Dairy Project, to help small farmers become licence dairies. Now, with Companions of Claire project, she also offers a possibility for women to have a retreat. In fact, separate from the convent there is a one room cabine as a hermitage where anyone can stay for a week.
Adress : Franciscan Convent of Peace and Good – 627 Middle Rd. – Skowhegan, ME 04976, https://www.companionsofclare.org
Contact :  Sr. Courtney Haase <sr.courtney@beeline-online.net> or phone. ++ 1- 207-431-2664

Community of Saint Anna

The website https://www.beguine.link  is a sort of tribute to the beguines made by Anna Jane, the coordinator of the Community of Saint Anna. She realised it for the Community of Saint Anna, with the aim “to share information with our group members (called “Annas”),  regarding the beguine way of life and its modern revival”. The Annas are women, single, members of the Community of Saint Anna. They have found in the beguines a significant reference for their spiritual daily life. “Under the guidance of monastics, our community developed to provide an alternative to traditional women’s orders, although we resemble them in some ways. Our flexible approach to religious community has been modelled on the lifestyle of the Beguines. Like the Beguines our fidelity is not maintained by vows, but by a commitment of the heart. Like those holy women before us, we desire a religious life that allows us to remain free to be responsive and creative within our own environments to the inspiration of Jesus’ concern for all humanity». This non-residential Community of eleven members is “global, online, ecumenical, and dedicated to the “prayer of the heart” and compassion toward everyone – no exceptions – and all creation.” A monthly meeting is held by internet technologies.
For contact : Anna Jane < beguine.link@gmail.com>.

There is another experience in the United States, Sisters of the Valley, that we report because the two women involved define themselves as beguines, even if their adherence to beguinal spirituality is not evident.

Sister Kate (on the left) and Sister Darcy
(source: Facebook.com)

Sisters of the Valley, Kate and Darcy, live in Merced, California. They consider themselves “Beguines revivalists” because they product and sell online marijuana for therapeutic use, which in California is allowed but discussed. By this, they intend to alleviate the sufferings of many people and renew the ancient care of the beguines for the sick (today especially suffering of cancer). They claim New Age and consider themselves outside of any religion.


In Australia

Lee-Ann beguinal promises, May 31, 2018

Lee-Ann Wein, on May 31, 2018, feast of the Visitation, made her choice of beguinal life in the Benedictine Abbey of Jamberloo, a village of just under 2000 inhabitants in New South Wales, south of Sydney. Lee-Ann calls herself a Beguine, a choice she has matured over a period of five years. She makes candles, wears a dress made of natural canvas, lives in a small hermitage in the Abbey’s property, and has chosen a life style of contemplation, simplicity with a particular attention to prayer for people who are victims of sexual abuse and for the dignity of every woman. Among her community services is the accompaniment of funerals. Contact: Lwein3@gmail.com


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