Sofia of the late BARTOLO (13th)

Mario Sensi’s book

A recluse woman of Trevi (Umbria), we know Sofia of the late Bartolo di Bernardo for her deposition during the process of canonization of the blessed Simone da Collazzone. Sofia became a recluse around 1232. “After five years she contracted an arthrosis such that she could not move anymore” but she was able to stay in her place thanks to the help of a sister who maintained contact with the world as Sofia was observing a severe enclosure. She received in her “prison” various recluses ad tempora, for example Illuminata of Pietro from Montefalco for the time of Lent, but a community did not develop around her.
Source: Mario Sensi, Storie di bizzoche tra Umbria e Marche, Edizioni di storia e lewetteratura, Roma, 1995, p.12