Odile de LIÈGE (+1220)

School dedicated to Saint Odile in Grivegnée (Liège)

Her parents promised her in marriage to a man when she was 7 years old and 8 years later forced her to marry him, but for 5 years they still avoided sexual relations. She gave birth to John, who later became the parish priest of St. Lambert in Liege, but after 5 years his husband died. In 1203 she had an ecstatic vision of Christ’s passion, followed by other visions during the Eucharist in the guise of a child. She then chose the life of celibacy, even if her vow was occasionally betrayed by lascivious priests, as her hagiographer refers (Simons, p. 69-70). A little before her death, she assigned an endowment to a convent of 24 beguines in her house near the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, but it is not known how long they lived there.
Her Life was written by an anonymous Canon of Liege (Simons p. 38).
It refers that the beguines lived in various parts of the city, serving churches or as anchorites.