Others in France

Ysabiaus de WARLAING (14th)
Beguine of Douai, she used help the staff of St. Jean des Trouvés in front of Saint Pierre, the city hospital for the foundlings, in 1355.
(Walter Simons, Cities of Ladies, p. 77).

Jeanne d’ARC (1412-1431)
One thesis defines her as a tertiary Franciscan, but another also a beguine, based on a contemporary document, Cronaca Morosini, 1429, which expressly declares it as such.
Jacqueline Kelen writes : “During her painful trial, Jeanne d’Arc was treated either as a beguine or a witch” (Kelen, p. 20)
KELEN Jacqueline, Hadewijch d’Anvers ou la voie glorieuse, Albin Michel, 2011