Maria LEPORINI (1951-2015)

Maria Leporini

Last of six children, Maria is born in a poor family that she liked to define “capable of serene affections and joy“. At 14 she decided to be part of the Stigmatines Congregation, founded by Anna Fiorelli Lapini (1809-1860), when in 1850 she created the Institute of the Poor Daughters of the Sacred Stigmata of St. Francis of Assisi. Maria will deepen the life of the foundress thanks to her degree thesis in theology (1989). In 1986, together with other sisters, she decided to go and live in the Roman neighbourhood of Tor Bella Monaca, in the degraded outskirts of the capital, where together with Tilde and the local persons, she started a path of “self-training”. Support teacher, in 1995 she entered the elementary school where she will carry out his mission of “educational work in the neighborhood”. Since 1998 she is trained in Bach flower therapy and various other therapeutic addresses thanks to which she could help many people. In 2009 “she takes leave of the Stigmatines for fidelity to his conscience and his vocation” and continues her fearless commitment to transform the world, as always on the side of the poorest. Since then she has defined herself as “new beguine”.
Source: Sbrogiò Adriana e Cazzaniga Marco (a cura di), Le nuove beghine, Identità e differenza, Spinea, 2014
Adriana Sbrogiò, Tilde Silvestri, Maria Cristiana Solari, Fa che non si perda tutto questo amore!In memoria di Maria Leporini, Identità e differenza, Spinea, 2015