Eve de SAINT MARTIN (1190-1265)


We know little about her life. Eve is close to the beguinal movement fully burgeoning in Liège in the 13th century. She became a recluse near the collegiate church of Saint-Martin de Liège under the Cistercian rule, encouraged by the mystic Julienne de Cornillon, who seems to have played with her the role of confessor. Julienne de Cornillon, fifteen years older than Eva, had indeed encouraged her in her vocation and had promised to see her at least once a year. It is probably under the impetus of these two mystics that the first Corpus Christi Feast is celebrated in 1246 by Robert de Thourotte, the new bishop of Liege. After the death of the latter in 1246, Julienne is faced with strong opposition from the local bourgeois, clergy and the new Prince-Bishop Henri de Gueldre, to the point that she was forced to exile, where she died in 1258. Eve seems to have continued Julienne’s mission: she is in contact with Jacques Pantaleon, archdeacon of Liège from 1230 to 1250, who will become pope under the name of Urban IV. The latter sends her a missive on September 8, 1264 to inform her of the institution of the Corpus Christi Feast by the papal Bull Transiturus of hoc mundo, promulgated on August 11, 1264. Eve de Liege was declared blessed by the Catholic Church, the May 1, 1902. She is commemorated on June 4 (especially in the diocese of Liège). Source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%88ve_de_Saint-Martin