Dorothée de MONTAU (1347-1394)

Dorothée de Monceau

She is married to a rich, pious man, but of bad character, with whom she will give birth to nine children. Having become a widow, she transfers herself to Marienwerder and there she will be guided, until the end of her life, by her spiritual director, and then biographer, the famous Jean de Marienwerder. He will assemble her spiritual communications in three Vita in Latin and one in German, Leben. We also have from her a work in Latin, Septilium, in which are exposed seven grace she has received and the 36 degrees of love summed up in three progressive stages: fervent ardens, magnificus, excellenter magnificus, also expressed by three adjectives: strong, stable, insurmountable. And again the Liber de festis, a collection of her visions, according to the liturgical periods. This work is partly unpublished.

An in-depth doctrinal study of Dorothée’s works and life herself would be desirable and in particular her mystical experiences (invisible stigmata, renewal of the heart, ecstasies, visions), in order to make her known beyond the Germanic world where she is venerated as patroness of Prussia.”
(Source: Fonte: BLASUCCI A., CALATI B., GREGOIRE R., La spiritualità del medievo, volume 4 della Storia della spiritualità, Borla , p.483-484)