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In Drogheda, about 50 km north of Dublin, Carmen Boyle and Geraldine Holton have been living a “beguinal lifestyle” for more than 20 years and in 2017 they also witnessed this choice through a public commitment. Their home is called “An croi” which in Gaelic means the heart. “An Croi Beguines are located at the heart of the sacred sites in the Boyne Valley which is steeped in the ancient spiritual heritage of Ireland. The Boyne Valley is a spiritually potent landscape that is a fertile ground for a re-visioning of an ancient expression of Spirit” we read on their website: https://ancroibeguines.com .
Saint Brigid of IrelandThe spirituality of the An Croí Beguines is influenced by both Celtic Christian and Franciscan spiritualities. Its founders have adopted Saint Bridget of Ireland and St. Clare of Assisi as their patrons. Carmel’s spirituality has been deeply rooted in an Irish context reflecting her particular interest in Celtic Christianity. Geraldine’s spirituality leans towards a Franciscan expression and in particular a contemplative way, expressed by St. Clare of Assisi.
Saint Clare of AssisiLike their historical predecessors these modern beguines are self –supportive, then their work, whatever it may be, is seen through a lens of ministry which means it flows from a motivating relationship with God. Carmel and Geraldine’s ministry is expressed through the foundation of An Croí Wisdom, originally established in 1995 to foster heart wisdom for personal, professional and spiritual life. They are also engaged in a healing ministry and spiritual direction. Geraldine has a passion for supervision practice and training and Carmel has a unique music and retreat ministry.
For informations : https://ancroibeguines.com
For contact : An Croi, Tullyallen, Drogheda, Co. Louth Ireland
+ 353 (0)41 9805050 or email ancroi@eircom.net or carmelboylecroi@gmail.com


At Berne and Langenthal
In autumn 2019, a few Swiss women older than 50 and all German speakers (Myriam, Franziska, Kristina. Rosemarie and others), from Bern and Langenthal, who consider themselves “modern beguines”, met in Bern and decided to keep in touch. They had planned to meet twice a year and also to keep in touch electronically by sending each other news from time to time.”Our motivation is to live a modern and active Christian spirituality, while maintaining our institutional and intellectual independence. We support each other through our practice of prayers and daily meditation,  We live our Christian commitment  (for ex. in our parish, by paying particular attention to disadvantaged people in our professional jobs, by being involved in special meetings, etc.) as independent women, anchored to the earth, open to heaven, rooted in daily life, wherever we happened to live“. The group has a website (in German): www.beginen.ch. If you want to have a contact or other information, please write to: beginen-bern@beginen.ch

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