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Articles and books (in descending chronological order)

The medievalist Tanya Stabler Miller presents and contextualizes Aline Kiner’s book “La nuit des béguines https://tanyasmiller.wordpress.com/2020/03/01/review-aline-kiner-la-nuit-de-beguines-2017 /, 1 March 2020

Abby STONER , Sister BetweenGender and the Medieval Beguines, (date not defined)
source: https://www2.kenyon.edu/projects/margin/beguine1.htm

Line KORTOBI has published two very interesting articles in the Libération newspaper in July 2019:


Apolline Vranken,  Des béguinages à l’architecture féministe. Comment interroger et subvertir les rapports de genre matérialisés dans l’habitat ?
thesis of Master 2 in architecture, Prix de l’Université des Femmes, 2018

AAVV, Beguinal movement yesterday and today , speeches in various languages presented at the international congress of 23/08/2017, celebrating the 750th anniversary of  Breda beguinage

Milena GARAVAGLIA, Cohousing al femminile, Abitare nei beghinaggi moderni, e-book, Amazon, 2017

Silvana PANCIERA, The Beguines, Kindle Edition, Amazon,2013

Kelly Lynn MORRIS, The vita of Douceline de Digne (1214-1274): Beguine spirituality and orthodoxy in thirteenth century Marseilles, University of Cagary (Canada), July 2001

Mario Sensi, Storie di Bizzoche tra Umbria e Marche, 1995

E.T, KNUTH, The Beguines, 1992, in  http://www.users.csbsju.edu/~eknuth/index.html

Blog & Facebook & Twitter

Debby VAN LINDEN:  https://begijnhovenqueeste.wordpress.com

Debby VAN LINDEN: https://www.facebook.com/Begijnenhovenqueeste-Community-of-beguine-news-796709140445669/

Debby VAN LINDEN: https://twitter.com/BeguineNews

Sisters of Valley https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=sisters%20of%20valley

Information web sites

 UNESCO website of the 13 Flemish béguinages in the  World Heritage List

Le jardin du béguinage https://www.habitat-groupe.be/acteurs-logement/le-jardin-du-beguinage

Le petit béguinage de La Lauzelle https://www.habitat-groupe.be/le-petit-beguinage
Interview sur le Petit béguinage réalisée avec l’aide d’Evelyne Simoens

Begijnhof van Turnhout www.vriendenbegijnhof.be (notified by M. Hugo Vanden Bossche)


Agence Vivre en béguinage www.vivre-en-beguinage.fr
La Maison des babayagas www.lamaisondesbabayagas.eu


Foundation  http://www.beginenstiftung.de
Federation  www.dachverband-der-beginen.de
BEGINE – Treffpunkt und Kultur für Frauen e. V. – http://www.begine.de
Beginenhof in Berlin  http://www.beginenwerk.de/
Beginenhot Tännich http://www.beginenhof-thueringen.de/index.html


Begijnhof van Breda :  http://www.begijnhofbreda.nl/


Metter in ordine la differenza: l’esperienza della Sororità di Mantova, http://www.iaphitalia.org/images/sororita.pdf

Other in the world

http://begine.wordpress.com/website in German language, really not up to date, that collects experiences of women living together in various places in the world

Sisters of Valley https://www.sistersofcbd.com
Giovanni Drogo, Sister of the Valley  https://www.nextquotidiano.it/suore-cannabis-terapeutica-sister-of-the-valley/

Videos on Youtube

Les Béguines  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm5EzC-x_MU