Breda casa della cacca
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Breda casa della caccaAnoniem_Besloten_hofjeli15jardinet-peintg312avec-cerisiersPsallentestre iconeOK

You talk, we act

You learn, we seize

You inspect, we choose

You taste, we savor

You chew, we swallow

You bargain, we buy

You glow, we take fire

You assume, we know

You ask, we take

You search, we find

You love, we languish

You lunguish, we die

We sow, we reap

You work, we rest

You grow thin, we grow fat

You ring, we sing

You sing, we dance

You blossom, we bear fruit



Dialogue between a Parisian Master and a Beguine (in Compilatio singularis exemplorum about 1270-97, source : Walter Simons, Cities of Ladies, University of Pennsylvania Press, p. 131)

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